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Consulting in Digital Marketing

Do you need a digital marketing strategy for your company? You have a website and you don’t know how to improve it? Do you want your website to be a marketing tool to grow your business? You want to sell more in your online store and you don’t know how?   At Infomeik we offer the service of digital marketing

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Marketing = Investment

A good online marketing strategy will benefit your company by bringing you some of the following benefits: Branding customer loyalty opportunity to reach more people credibility lower cost high effectiveness Click on the link to find out some of our services from online marketing


More than half of consumers buy thanks to search engines

It can be said that more than half of internet users make use of search engines before making a purchase. This means that search engines are an essential part of getting customers.  According to other sources, more than 80% of internet users use search engines to make their purchases online. When consumers come to the page after having consulted on

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A strategic ” war ” to win your competition

Every company aims to gain customers/ users, because that will increase their profits; many companies want to achieve their goals by copying what other companies do. Equal advertising campaigns are launched, the same is sold, the competition is discredited… and that causes a ” war ” for winning users that will hurt their users. What we need to know is

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ultoria marketing tools in your online store

QR codes have become a new marketing tool, and marketing is rather widespread, thanks to the ease of creation and ability to be read from the devices and intelligent mobile phones, enable access to the stored information quickly and easily.