We all know that Facebook and Twitter are the most used and known social networks by all users. Today we will talk about another less used Google+, some comments predicted that Google would make Google+ disappear, but the truth is that they have made many changes to improve it, not only created a different page “about me” as if it were a unified profile, so seen Google has not stopped thinking about Google+, they have also given a new image with changes in both design and features to improve the functioning of the social network.

All changes are always to improve and apparently Google wants to offer a better experience based above all on the interests of users. This new design is already available both on the web and in mobile applications and from Google ensure that from now on it will be easier to prostrate, easier to use, better interface, better connection, better quality information … it seems that everything is Advantages with the new Google+. We have a new minimalist design but that follows the lines that we usually see on a mobile, so, for the moment Google+ will not go to a better life but is evolving to be more useful to users.
Do you sign up to use it?