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New Google+ image

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are the most used and known social networks by all users. Today we will talk about another less used Google+, some comments predicted that Google would make Google+ disappear, but the truth is that they have made many changes to improve it, not only created a different page “about me” as if it

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Do not be surprised by the new change of the algorithm of Google!

GOOGLE updates its algorithm about 500 times a year, sometimes they are only small adjustments other times these updates can disrupt your positioning in the search engine. Therefore it is essential to be alert, and do not neglect the SEO using good practices, let yourself be advised by a professional and thus avoid the terrible penalties of Google. Stay up

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The limits of the Google translator in Spanish

Its ability to improve is decreasing and it seeks a revolutionary system to avoid its sound errors The Google translator (Google Translate) is a tool too comfortable as to not use it; although it does not have to be a philologist to detect blunders, inconsistencies, and absurdities, not to speak of the fine thread that gives meaning, tone and emotion

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Keys to get a good web positioning

SEO is a changing science and forces us to always keep up to date, do constant work on our website and make the work as efficient as possible. Nowadays search engines are still the main source of traffic on websites, so all websites should be optimized to achieve greater visibility in search results. It is therefore important to establish a

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Google generates 25% of total internet traffic in the US

Data have multiplied by four in the last three years The giant, growing larger. Google is well above other companies when it comes to searching, the job it was born in 1998. In particular, it generates 25% of US internet traffic. According to a study conducted by the company, surveillance of the internet, Deepfield, the company has reached a new

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