Many companies will give you the high on Facebook with a personal profile instead of using a Fan Page, every day you see most companies do so in spite of that, in the terms of use of Facebook is not permitted businesses to use profiles personal: “profiles represent individuals and must be kept under an individual name, while pages allow an organization, company, famous, or brand to maintain a presence professionals on Facebook.”

Many companies do not know the rules on different social networks or simply find it easier to make friends than to get fans.

Facebook Facebook Fans offer tools that allow you to promote your business, and you run the risk that Facebook will remove the profile if it is not used correctly; so don’t wait any longer, use Facebook for your company correctly.

But what advantages do I have in creating a Fan Page?

–       Visibility: information on a Fan Page is visible to everyone without being friends.

–       Measurement: you can measure the whole activity to obtain statistics on the impact of your actions, which allows you to go ahead or correct, if you want to have a good strategy it is essential to have measuring tools.

–       Positioning: Fan pages are much better positioned in search results as publications are indexable.

–       Advertising: you can create sponsored ads and perfectly create the audience you want to reach.

–       Competitions: you have tools that allow you to interact with users, generate engagement and provoke a viral effect.

–       Messages: you can send messages to all your followers at once.

–       Applications: numerous applications that allow a more effective marketing strategy.

–       Brand image: you will give a more professional image.

–       Management: several people can manage the Facebook page because the strategy will be well synchronized

Don’t wait any longer! Your business needs a good strategy and for that you need the right tools.