In previous years, many stores were ahead of the online presence, specializing in consumer trends.

The success for a company to be able to achieve its goals despite being in a territory with a lot of competition is that in addition to selling online products, it is necessary to diversify the business by offering discounts and facilities to its users.

There are some factors that should be taken into account to make the online store more visible every day.

–       Variety of prices and a wide catalogue.

–       Easy navigation on the online shop. This is a very important point, because the easier the navigation, the easier it will be for the user to place an order.

–       Delivery and warranty of the product. Even in spite of the boom of online commerce, there is still a lot of skeptical users when buying an online store. So, it will be of vital importance to meet the delivery deadline, in Spain delivery must be in two days, with the exception of The Canary Islands.

–       Anticipatory. There is currently a lot of competition in almost all areas, so it is important to make investments necessary to evolve and adapt to users ‘ demands.

–       online Marketing. No doubt a good strategy will make you successful or not. Creating a blog network is a good option, it is important to publicize the products, share news, curiosities, etc. the idea is to generate in the user confidence and interest of the product you are offering.

–       Advertising in SEM. There are many who bet on the click payment in search engines like Google, mostly this resource is used to show products and make themselves known on the internet.

In conclusion we can say that success is in these factors, in constantly taking care of visibility on the internet. There would be no point in having the best products and not having visibility.