GOOGLE updates its algorithm about 500 times a year, sometimes they are only small adjustments other times these updates can disrupt your positioning in the search engine.

Therefore it is essential to be alert, and do not neglect the SEO using good practices, let yourself be advised by a professional and thus avoid the terrible penalties of Google.

Stay up to date and do not neglect the movements of your search engine since this way you can act in the moment and correct the incident.

Penalties are the worst nightmare of any webmaster.

One day you are up, enjoying a super-competitive position. The next day you have completely disappeared from the search results.

Another penalty symptom is that your site loses visibility to any of your keywords, certain pages disappear completely from the search results, when you search for your domain it does not appear when you search for it by name … the causes of these changes are that Google imposes penalties for creating artificial links to boost your ranking, reload pages with keywords to increase relevance, copy content from other pages, fill in the footer with unrelated links, buy or sell links, negative seo …

Does it sound to you … ???

Would you let us remove a tooth or fix a water leak? If your website is attended by professionals, search engine positioning will give better results.