Record SALES ONLINE December 16 in Spain

Little by Little users become more entrenched in online sales, the Spanish market is more aware of the type of online purchase and more confident in the online sector, SMEs are increasing online sales and expanding their online businesses.

According to the statistics, this December 16 has set a record of online sales in Spain, this is due to the massive Christmas purchases that have been made.

The data offered in 2012 was not very good compared to 2013 in online sales. All this due to the low business confidence in the e-commerce . Although this year the new customs are becoming more and more established and the confidence in buying through online shops will grow and more than 60% of Spanish companies are expected to jump to e-commerce, so the relationship between the entrepreneur and the user and social networks will evolve in a potential way in Spain. The advantages offered by online sales are of great benefit, with a single click in 24 hours and without displacements, the user can obtain their product or interact more effectively to know their concerns.

It is true that there is a sector of Spanish users who are still afraid of internet payment because they do not even trust it, at the same time the payment gateways like PayPal, continue to gain points of confidence for their safe and reliable methods. It is more than clear that it will be shown that online shops have great advantages and with very reliable methods of payment.

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