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Record SALES ONLINE December 16 in Spain

Little by Little users become more entrenched in online sales, the Spanish market is more aware of the type of online purchase and more confident in the online sector, SMEs are increasing online sales and expanding their online businesses. According to the statistics, this December 16 has set a record of online sales in Spain, this is due to the

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More than 10 reasons to make a website

Today more than ever, a website should be more closely watched, as it transmits many things from a company, business, institution, or association. Today we can already say that the image on the internet is our cover letter, so we should not skimp on expenses when it comes to giving the best image and it is better not to have

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Francisco Sierra: “the use of social media is important for achieving greater fan knowledge”;

Francisco Sierra, multimedia content director at Antena 3 has reaffirmed that it is a priority to “have a knowledge of the fans” and to be able to interact with them in a solid manner. According to what he tells us, at least 2,200,000 people have commented through social networks some television program while watching it, hence the importance that should

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Lessons for the internet to save your company

The entrepreneur Rodolfo Carpintier publishes a book that gathers the keys so that new technologies favor the development of SMEs and adapt to the New Times. It takes on the internet even before the appearance of the internet itself. Knowledge is not lacking, intuition and desire to continue working.Rodolfo Carpintier is one of the leading specialists in the use of

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