The importance of social networks in the life of the people means that companies also use them to promote their products, brands and provide information to their customers about their offers and new developments. < em>social networks play a very important role in companies, they are powerful marketing tools.

large companies have been exploiting this online marketing tool for a long time, although more and more SMEs are becoming aware of how important it is to have a social Mediastrategy.

Jaime Miguel Tomé, Professor at the Master’s degree in Social Media of the University of Salamanca, and Jose Carlos Soto, director of NTIC Master School and of the masters in Social Media and Community Manager at UNED and the COMPLUTENSE university of Madrid, have carried out a study on the situation of social networks in Spain, where it excels Facebook, which accounts for 62% of Spanish social activity, followed by Youtube.
and here the top 10 for Spain!
1. Facebook
more than 62% of social media activity in January 2014 is still on Facebook. And this activity has an annual growth of 3.8%
2. Youtube
the social media network purchased by Google takes over 23% of the total activity in 2014, with annual growth of 56%. Youtube pisa strong, especially when compared to its competitor Vimeo which, although it has had an annual growth similar to Youtube, in this 2014 only Cup 0.15% of the National Activity.
3. Twitter
The microblogging social network, despite a 14.11% year-on-year decline, raises one position by entering the Spanish podium and takes 4.63% of the National Activity.

4. Tuenti falls off the podium!
Tuenti suffers the biggest setback in panorama 2.0 with an annual decrease of 74.34% of its activity. Falling from 14.8% to 3.79% of national activity in just one year, and losing third position in favor of Twitter.

In most of the communities did not resist the onslaught and lost about 75% of their activity year-on-year.

the following posts are for Badoo, Linkedin, Instagram, Meetic, Pinterest, ….etc


If you want to read the full report you can do so on the blog NTIC Master School