There are a number of Online Marketing strategies and one of the ones that has grown the most in recent times is the so-called “Social Media Marketing”.


A Social Media campaign aims to get your potential customers to remain in contact with your company through the Social Networks.


There are more and more social networks, it is not necessary to have them all but those that agree to the strategy proposed. You should not just think about Facebook and Twitter, it is important to think about which social networks will help you carry out the best marketing strategy for your business.


some examples of the benefits of social Media campaigns:

      1. the brand image is established, increasing visibility on the Internet and the most relevant social networks.
      2. relationships with clients and users in the most relevant social communities are consolidated.
      3. increase traffic and the number of incoming links, which will support the natural positioning of your website in search engines and generate more contacts and sales.
      4. by talking to your customers you will be able to identify new market opportunities and make strategic decisions.
      5. get free mouth-to-mouth advertising through viral marketing.
      6. to carry out advertising campaigns and promotions.
      7. get a good web reputation.
      8. get more sales.


At Infomeik we manage the right strategy through a detailed analysis of your business and the characteristics of the sector in the online world.


We optimally discharge social networks, manage the social Media campaign; create campaigns, contests, surveys, news… and we measure the results of the tasks performed.


If you want a quote from our social Media Marketing service you can request it through our contact form.


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