It is the new way of telling stories that is being used on the internet. It is the new way to catch the user to listen to you in this changing and hyperconnected world.
You tell your story considering that you face a user who knows everything, who likes to interact, create content, give your opinion and knowing that you have few seconds to gain his sympathy.
You use all online and offline distribution channels creating a unified and coordinated experience.

According to Frank Rose, The Art of Immersion, transmedia is a storytelling strategy (creating stories) around a company or brand in which the great variety of channels is used to explain that story in a chopped and distributed way through the different channels. It has the following particularities:

That is to say:
– Each piece of the story is understood by itself but includes some mystery for users to continue investigating, inquiring about the subject.
– To complete this story, users must participate or interact in a channel as an essential requirement to discover the answer.

Transmedia is the new trend and can help in attracting new customers and users.

– The first thing you should do is develop a story that interests users and use the appropriate channels for dissemination.
– You must make clear the coherence of the story.
– Find a way for users to participate at all times, find a way to hook them and make them follow and recognize your story whenever they meet it.
– Verify that you have effectively adapting the brand well to your story.
– Now that everyone recognizes your story, your brand and follow it; check that in all channels there is participation all according to the positive comments that may have on social networks.

Transmedia is nothing more than new ways to promote a brand, always looking for new ways to attract customers according to their tastes, experience and perception.

Do you already know what story you want to tell?