It is not enough to have a presence on the internet, it is not enough to update content when you have “something” of time. Maintaining and updating a website is as important as its creation. Maintain the company’s image, have a current design, have up-to-date news, products and services, etc.; everything you do on the internet counts to give a strong company image, if the company cares for itself it will also care for its customers.
You imagine that you enter a business, and what you see is the same window as there were months ago, or if you find it with some broken things, or maybe with a dirty establishment, all the stock in disarray, the result would be that we would never return to that business again and that same result can happen with users who enter our website and see the same thing from months ago, or years ago, nothing new, and in passing with some broken links; thus losing visits, reliability and trust in the brand.

As a user like many I have encountered a web like this, without maintenance, broken links or with errors, very old information and like all, I have stopped visiting that page, I have changed supplier. If we think our website is like a shop window, we must constantly update it to attract the attention of our users and not lose interest in our brand.

You can add new sections, add or modify texts and images, create new banners. And if necessary, redesign the entire page. What should not be lacking in maintenance is that; there is a constant and periodic review of the Web page, to correct possible errors, to detect possible security attacks on our Web page, to properly configure the settings on the web server to increase its functionality and speed, to position the page in the search engines to be in the top positions and to increase the visits to the web page.

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