Every company aims to gain customers/ users, because that will increase their profits; many companies want to achieve their goals by copying what other companies do. Equal advertising campaigns are launched, the same is sold, the competition is discredited… and that causes a ” war ” for winning users that will hurt their users.

What we need to know is that the intense search for users/customers can lead to the impoverishment of the offer and finally to the loss of our users/ customers.

If you want to be successful, it is vital to have creativity, diversity, innovation when offering your product; this is the way to effectively reach the user/ customer. Looking for a direct fight with the competition usually triggers turning your back on the user and impoverishing creativity.

We can see an example of this type of aggressive marketing on television, with the example of two programs that are fighting for the audience: “Splash” and “look who jumps” fight with the same weapons, there is no variety, they are an exact copy…except everyone has different characters .This poor television diversity is the result of strategies that turn their backs on the public, which could be able to watch two shows on different channels if they were broadcast on different days.

If we want success we must forget the strategies that turn our backs on the user, being more creative, innovative, taking into account the user’s opinion. There is a wide variety of strategies that help us achieve our goals, the key is differentiation.

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