Video has become an essential tool in making marketing.


If you want to publicize your brand, product and/or service and your company, it is very important to use strategies and tools that work, and the video marketing works.


Content in video is becoming a valuable resource of online marketing and having a video to make online marketing is a resource within the reach of all companies.


90% of the information the brain receives is visual and a strategy with video marketing will help to better capture attention and generate emotions.


The video provides useful content to your customers in a pleasant and intuitive way and often makes your product or service better understood.


Did you know that a video increases the possibility of selling and keeps users on the web?


Note that videos Help search engine positioning, are shared on social networks and generate good feedback from customers.


Do you need more reasons to make your products and services known with a video?


At Infomeik we create a personalized video marketing strategy for your company or business. We define objectives, thematic and strategy. We write scripts, use the most appropriate technique (photos, graphics, recordings) and edit the video.


And if the client so requires we promote the video according to a specific strategy.