It’s already Christmas in your online store

We started watching Christmas everywhere: television ads, streets and shops. The windows change completely, but if you have an online store you will not be less. It is not a showcase at street level, of course, but it may have more impact and more visibility than one that is. The e-commerce is the new reality, and we must adapt to each change and, above all, to the user requirements .

Strategies to adapt our online store to Christmas

  1. The image of your e-commerce must change. It must contain decoration related to Christmas, movement, lights, some pop-up with some promotion or discount coupon special for these dates …
  2. Your product, whatever it is, becomes a Christmas product . Something special to give away at Christmas .
  3. The blog must be consistent with the design of the online store . Talk about the products but adapted to the date we are in and why it is the perfect gift .
  4. The social networks must advertise the products, with direct link . We can try to put a discount product every week to encourage your purchases .
  5. Many people leave the Christmas gifts for the last moment. It offers express delivery and stands out on social networks at all times that if they buy a product from your online store at that time, it will arrive before Christmas.
  6. Don’t forget the importance of the product image when it reaches your receiver. You must be satisfied and happy with the purchase you have made. The packaging must be adequate, beautiful and with Christmas motifs. And if you can leave a note wishing you a happy holiday season, the better.
  7. Encourage your buyers to share their acquisitions on social networks. Provide a hashtag or a Facebook page to mention. You can also run a contest in which the best photos will get a gift.
  8. If you planned to launch new products, this is the right time.
  9. Check the SEO of the website to improve your positioning and make it easier to reach potential customers .
  10. Create ads to make it easier for customers to reach your product and also improve their shopping experience .

Do you want to adapt to Christmas and new sales trends for e-commerce? Follow these instructions and do not forget to ask us if you have any questions. Happy e-Christmas !