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It’s already Christmas in your online store

We started watching Christmas everywhere: television ads, streets and shops. The windows change completely, but if you have an online store you will not be less. It is not a showcase at street level, of course, but it may have more impact and more visibility than one that is. The e-commerce is the new reality, and we must adapt to

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3 Things you can’t stop doing in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is in fashion and all companies must have a good online strategy that allows them to attract customers. But what are the fundamentals for all your Online Marketing actions to succeed? In Infomeik we give you some tips that you cannot ignore.   1) Planning: All companies know they must have a website and a good internet marketing

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Calendar to make promotions in your online store

In all online store it is essential to have a good strategy to get more sales. Among all the strategies you can plan it is essential that you have a calendar of special dates that will allow you to create specific promotions for each date and will help increase the recurrence of customer purchase in your online store Get ready

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Tips for increasing sales of your online shop on sale

Companies are increasingly aware that “ecommerce” is the key to increased sales. New technologies have evolved so that companies are practically obliged to adapt their businesses. For many users they run out of long queues and some endless ones and the time that is expected when there are discounts. Now, thanks to the rebates that exist on the net, the

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