With YouTube, the social network par excellence for videos, we can also stream live videos.
The retransmission of videos is not just a matter of Twitter and Facebook also has YouTube, apparently no social network wants to be left behind, having users happy is very important because they are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and originality.

Google also joins the battle of streaming video, thanks to its new application of “YouTubeConnect” a livestreaming application that will be available for both iOS devices and Android and all its functions will be similar to those of Periscope (Twitter) and Live Video (Facebook).

Google previously already had the option of live streaming of an application called “Creator Studio” but its functionality was limited and was only available for computers.

Apparently YouTube wants to maintain the empire of the video, but the fight to be the king of the crown of the videos has only just begun, if one thing is certain, is that at the moment no platform can compete with the figures of views on YouTube but the throne is increasingly threatened by innovations that competitors have.

Innovating in video is synonymous with gaining prominence in the face of competition, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly investing their resources in the broadcasting of live videos, because if something is clear it is that the future of the video stops by streaming broadcasts.

Bet on the video in your company, it is a Digital Marketing strategy that will help your company to be different and gain popularity.