SEO is a changing science and forces us to always keep up to date, do constant work on our website and make the work as efficient as possible.

Nowadays search engines are still the main source of traffic on websites, so all websites should be optimized to achieve greater visibility in search results.

It is therefore important to establish a SEO positioning strategy in order to achieve greater results.

You must keep in mind:
1-to begin with, it is essential to identify the phrases with which potential customers seek our product or service and to look for the market niches less exploited by competition.

2-get quality links that report traffic to our website.

3 – social networks are very important, share content, get our post, comment and share, etc

4 – video positioning presents a great opportunity almost without taking advantage by most companies. Youtube is among the 5 pages with the most traffic and being positioned on Youtube also places us on Google.

5-getting a good online reputation is very important; it is a difficult but very necessary task.

An experienced SEO professional can advise you and prepare the strategy that best suits your company.