One of the key objectives for achieving success and positioning a company on the internet is to be at the top of Google. To achieve this thanks to online marketing studies, there are tools that are becoming very important because they have a territory with a lot of potential. It is important to know that it is essential to meet the needs, advice and opinion of the client, as the positive globalised opinion of the client is essential to achieve our objectives. Having a good Online Reputation is vital, as the customer’s opinion or voice is more valuable than the brand’s voice. In this news we will see some of the many tools that exist to succeed.

e-Mail Marketing. E-mail, such a simple but effective tool. Each company has a database that allows it to reach its customers, with offers, discounts, promotions, news about new products, services, etc.improper use of this tool can lead to loss of customers and good reputation.

social networks. It is more than clear that these days social networks are revolutionizing the business world. Social networks make the company known to more users and help improve the company’s reputation by dealing directly with the customer. It is a meeting place that must be well taken advantage of.

Videos . A few years ago, the marketing video has become an integral part of having a good online presence, knowing now that after Google, Youtube has become the second search engine most important to search of information. Many companies are unaware of the importance of videos and the visibility that would be gained by their great potential. The future of the web and marketing will be completely audiovisual.

Google AdWords.  With this tool you can reach new customers and push your company through Google’s online advertising program. With this AdWords tool you can choose where your ad appears and then make an analysis or evaluation of the impact of your ad.

is SEO search engine.  A very high percentage of people who have found a product of interest has been thanks to search engines, therefore it is essential that your company’s website is among the first places in search engines. But for this we must strategically choose key words that our customers or users use to find our products and/or services. This strategy is important to decide from the beginning and thus design our website with the goal of positioning it in the first places giving priority to Google which is the main objective of our work.

Mobile Marketing. Like video, this tool must be increasingly considered when making our products and services known through mobile device marketing actions. With this marketing tool we can develop communication campaigns, advertising media, promotion communication.


For companies, the use of these tools is becoming increasingly important; although today virtually all companies have their web page, not all companies get to have active online Marketing. That is why it is important to have information about all the tools offered by the market in order to be able to reach the target audience effectively. With a properly planned and targeted online Marketing plan, we will strengthen our corporate image and achieve potential customers.