95% of buyers check the internet

95% of car buyers check the Internet before going to a dealership. Faced with this new reality, and with the massive influx of new technologies, dealers and their sellers are reorienting the way they sell their products.

This is how the news that the ABC newspaper presents today begins. Who tells us that the customer is much more demanding, when he arrives at the dealership he already knows all the technical characteristics of the vehicle and knows everything that the competition offers.

Customers consult an average of 24 different online sources of information.

The purchase decision is made on the internet and the customer only goes to the dealer once.
What happens with cars happens in almost every market.
You have a unique opportunity for users to choose you and your product and that opportunity is given to you by your website or online store.
Products such as yours or similar may be others…try to differentiate yourself!
The image you have on the internet is very important. Do your website or online store generate trust? Do you differ from the competition in design, content, positioning? Does the user find all the information he needs easily?
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