If you want to conquer your customers, from Infomeik we give you 7 ideas so that they are totally in love with your company and your products or services.

  • Know your client: for this you must investigate what their needs, goals and objectives are and in what period they want to reach them. Put yourself in his place and think that you would need your.
  • Set aside technicalities when communicating with your client; so that you can have a clear conversation in the same language. If you speak in a close language that your clients understand you will generate.
  • Being in the mind and heart of the client earning their trust and making him see that his problems are important. Always have a solution that satisfies it.
  • Make your client feel special by thanking him for his loyalty with promotions, discounts, a call, email etc.
  • Interact with your customers: Give them continuous information about your services / products and innovations. Establish a broader communication path through the Internet and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google plus) that allow you to have a
    real-time dialogue from any site and device. It is advisable to make use of this strategy using a channel for each type of client.
  • Cultivate customer service and after-sales so you feel satisfied.
  • Create experiences with a professional service generating an emotional bond on and off line. This is important to get your customer loyalty with your brand; which will result in recurring sales.

Remember that people forget what you said or did but never forget what you made them feel.

Do not sell your products and services talking about how good they are. Provide a good experience, value them