More and more companies are recognizing that the customer has more weight in making strategic decisions.

The important thing is to know how to “love the customer” to choose your products and services.

The first step is to meet the current customer. Today’s customer is a much more digital customer with specific habits.
The digital client is:

•    Quick: you don’t need to move from home…you want something and automatically look for it on the internet. In a few minutes you know what you want, how you want it and the options on the market.
•    Demanding: as you know everything on the market, you look for the best quality at the best price.
•    Multitasking: nowadays people while buying watch TV and/or answer WhatsApp…
•    Anxious: he wants everything now, if he likes something he wants to have it as soon as possible, so it is important to take advantage of that impulse and transform it into a sale.
•    Informed: you have all the information at one click, you can’t fool him, the customer has all the information he needs and even opinions from other people.
•    Emotional: he lets himself be carried away by the emotions of the moment, by what his friends think, the comments on the internet, the quality of advertising,…
•    Influential: influences other people’s purchasing decisions and their opinions can reach many people over the internet by influencing their purchasing decisions in a positive or negative way.
•    Connected: computer,mobile, tablet … users use all devices at their fingertips constantly.

infographic features digtal client

That is why the commitment of the companies today must be: “Enamorar al cliente” generate unique experiences that meet all the expectations of the client.

This can only be achieved with a consistent strategy covering all departments of the company.

Steps in a good strategy:

Awareness: you know
Interest: generate interest, approach the customer
Desire: generate desire for your product, differentiate your product from the rest and make the customer want to buy it
Action: create the purchase impulse
Loyalty: make sure the same customers don’t forget you and stay “in love” with your brand.

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