Over time it has been shown that video marketing is a useful resource not only to attract but also to retain the users who follow you. In many countries the video marketing is known as the king of marketing, because it provides information and is presented in an original, fun and clear way.

Many companies have been able to see that using video marketing have increased their daily visit rate. For this reason, companies are increasingly demanding the realization of videos to promote your company, services and products, communicated with customers, etc, adding the video as one more tool to the marketing strategies, because the online video like very much to the users that they are attentive to each image, pending of every detail on the screen, listening to and assimilating the message of the video online.

We should also mention that a large majority of users use their smartphones or tablets to view the videos, which indicates that we cannot ignore the power of viralization of the videos, many users often share information videos, humorous, explanatory videos and all this has a great influence on the decisions at the time of purchase.

Thanks to the video marketing many users have decided to buy thanks to the information that the video marketing offered. Investing in it is not a waste of time and money, on the contrary, including a video on your social networks, on your web and in your newsletter will increase not only your Web page visits, but will also help users decide what you offer.