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Car-Metal business Video

Little by little companies are more aware of the potential of business videos, videos that give users confidence and reliability. Today we can also say that the videos are the most demanded on the internet, because they reveal a lot of data in an attractive way. Videos have become a key tool of marketing , because they help establish a closer

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Corporate video Yes or No? Helping my company

Today this tool is essential for a company, because it is one of the best ways to strengthen and enhance the business Image, think that it is an interesting way to reach new customers, and more if we live in a globalized world where multimedia has a great impact power. Many companies make the mistake of thinking that making a

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Corporate Video

Innovative audiovisual solutions to promote your companies Corporate Video


Tips for a Corporate Video

That your corporate video isn’t too long. One of the most common errors is making an over-running corporate video. For example, for a corporate video, 5 minutes, or even less, is enough…